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Suitable for children aged 3-7 years.


Fox's Tale

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If only Rusty the Rooster could learn to tell the time. Sometimes he would crow far too early….sometimes he would crow far too late….sometimes he forgot to crow at all. Farmer Turnip rarely got up in time to feed the pigs and milk the cows.
Mrs. Turnip never knew if it was time for breakfast, lunch or supper. Poor Tilly Turnip was always late for school. All the animals on Turnip Farm agreed that something had to be done……. Rusty the Rooster must learn to tell the time!

WHAT’S THE TIME MR ROOSTER? is a delightful and interactive presentation that features hand and rod puppets, with live action and music... whilst also teaching and reinforcing the concept and telling of time.


  • AUTUMN TERM : 10th September until 20th December 2012

The production lasts for 45 minutes and a preparation period of 40 minutes is requested. It is recommended that audiences do not exceed more than 150 children per performance.