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Big Boot!

Primrose and Pod think they are very lucky mice indeed to live in such a lovely, safe, big, old boot at the bottom of the garden…and all their friends agree. Sally Squirrel, Olwen Owl, Rhys Rabbit and Cha Cha Charlie Caterpillar always enjoy a visit to the big, old boot. One cloudy day, however, the rain begins to fall…and fall…and fall! Suddenly their big, old boot doesn’t seem so safe and sound as they are picked up by the rising water and hurtled towards adventure!
Big Boot! is a charming and interactive presentation that features beautiful hand puppets, music, rhymes and magic to explore friendship, sharing and co-operation in an entertaining and educational journey into the unknown!
Big Boot!

Suitable for children aged 3-8 years

Available Spring 2018. Ideal for schools, community halls and small theatre venues