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Whats the Time Mr Rooster?

If only Rusty the Rooster could learn to crow on time! Sometimes he would crow at three o'clock in the morning... far to early. Sometimes he would crow at three o'clock in the afternoon... far to late. Life on Turnip Farm was chaotic. The cows were rarely milked on time. The pigs were rarely fed on time. The eggs were rarely collected on time... and poor Tilly Turnip rarely got to school on time! All the animals on Turnip Farm agreed that something had to be done! Rusty the Rooster must learn to tell the time!
Featuring hand and rod puppets with music and songs, this delightful and humorous farmyard tale reveals how the virtues of patience, persistence and perseverance can change things for the better! 
Suitable for children aged 3-8 years. Available Spring 2018. Ideal for schools, community halls and small theatre venues. This production lasts for 45 minutes.