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Puppet Theatre Wales provides workshops in puppet making, manipulation and story presentations through our PUPPETS IN EDUCATION programme. Workshops are devised to meet the needs of each group and are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Groups of up to 30 are catered for. Workshops sessions can be booked for half day or for a full day. All workshops begin with a general introduction to puppets around the world and to the important role that they have historically played and continue to play in many cultures.



Shadow puppet workshops explore light and shadow in a fun and exciting way. A short presentation introduces participants to the delightful and entrancing world of shadow puppetry and also to the concept of storytelling through shadow play. Participants are then taught how to create their own colourful shadow puppets, which they will then use to create their own shadow puppet presentation. Children can devise their own stories based upon particular themes requested, or recreate scenes and excerpts from favourite books or even moments in history. Musical accompaniment (percussion) is encouraged to help add atmosphere!


rod puppet workshops

Participants are taught how to create their own simple, but effective rod puppet, which they will then learn how to manipulate. They then go on to learn how rod puppets express emotion through controlled movement and co-ordination exercises. Characterization is then explored and puppet profiles created. Participants then focus on the art of effective, clear and confident storytelling and puppet presentation. Mini puppet presentations are then devised through improvisation.

The PUPPET IN EDUCATION programme seeks to promote the educational value and use of puppets in primary schools. Puppetry is an accessible, non-threatening, empowering, creative, imaginative and freeing art. It is cross-cultural and cross-curricular, and has the potential to help develop and enhance skills in many areas, including language and communication development, social and interpersonal skills development and physical development. Mathematical skills relating to size and proportion, science and technology – it’s all there in puppetry!

This is a day-long event especially devised for older children with a specific focus on environmental themed puppetry and poetry creation. Participants work in small groups to create large puppets entirely out of recycled materials and then discover a limitless world of expression through the creation of poetry based upon environmental dangers and protection. Puppetry, poetry and percussion are then integrated into an exciting, entrancing and unique presentation. Filming of work is encouraging to enhance digital skills.

Suitable for children aged 8+ and tailored to meet the needs of each group. Maximum number of 30. 


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